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We use our knowledge and experience to offer professional and quality legal services to our clients. When you come to us, expect affordable legal services.
Our areas of practice are as follows:


Immigration and Refugee Law


Family Law / Separation & Divorce


Family Mediation Services / Family Mediator / Representation in Family Law and Family Arbitration Cases

When you choose Elvira Akinyemi Law Offices, expect to be professionally served. We are a result-oriented law firm with reasonable fees. If you have a family law, immigration or refugee law matter or you require mediation services, please contact us.

Mbong Elvira Akinyemi Barrister & Solicitor/ Family Mediator

Mbong Elvira Akinyemi is the Managing Solicitor of Akinyemi Law Offices . She has been  practicing law since 2003. She is a member of the Law Society of Ontario, Canadian Bar Association, Ontario Bar Association, and Refugee Law Association.

Elvira Akinyemi is a brilliant, passionate and compassionate lawyer who is well adjusted and structured to her clients’ needs. She is experienced, smart and professional. Over 2000 satisfied families attest to her amazing work. When you choose the Law Offices of Elvira Akinyemi, be assured that your legal success and satisfaction is her goal at reasonable fees. You get listened to and  qualitative affordable services.,

Why Mediation

• You get to save money
• You save time on a costly litigation process
• You remove yourself from the adversarty nature of litigation
• It’s a process you are a part of
• You learn the basic principle that conflict resolution is achievable
• The process is confidential and facilitative
• needed $$$$ are saved in mediation.
• You get to be part of a healthy resolution process
• Mediation is cheaper and less expensive
• Mediation is likely to give both parties involved in the contractual and real estate dispute more amicable results. This is because the spouses have the flexibility of coming up with an outcome that they can mutually

How to Prepare for Mediation

At Elvira Akinyemi Law Offices, we help our clients prepare for the mediation process, reviewing documents and facilitate the resolution. Counsel Elvira provides the following mediation services • Child and Parenting Mediation
• Spousal Support Mediation
• Elderly Mediation
• Property and Financial Mediation
• Contractual and Real Estate Mediation
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Domestic Contracts

Oftentimes couples who intend to marry or contemplate marriage want to enter into an agreement as to how their financial affairs or properties shall be dealt with in the eventual breakup of their union. This is called a Marriage contract.
Marriage contracts must be negotiated and signed well in advance of the wedding date to avoid a claim of duress. The parties must also consider the need for independent legal advice.

• Marriage Contract
• Separation Agreements
• Cohabitation Agreements


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More Services We Offer

Immigration & Refugee Law Services

We’ve worked with numerous families looking to come to Canada and start a life here. Many of our clients are men and women who are looking to reunite with their loved ones in Canada.

Family Law & Domestic Contract / Separation & Divorce

Divorce and separation issues such as
• Child support
• Spousal Support
• Equalization
• Mediation and Mediator services
• Representation at Family Arbitration

Family Mediation

A vast majority of family law cases are resolved out of court.

This is a voluntary process which both you and your partner need to agree to before going ahead with it.

Representation Family Abritation Matters

Arbitration, an alternative dispute resolution process that handles family matters outside of court, is a great alternative for couples seeking a private and confidential process.

Notarization of Legal Documents

Are you looking to have your documents notarized at your convenience? Our law firm offers professional legal services in the most convenient and affordable way. We can notarize your documents in person at Akinyemi Law Offices.

Citizenship Application

We provide the following services:

  • Adult Applications (age 18 or older)
  • Parent or guardian applying for a minor (under age 18)
  • Minor without a Canadian parent applying alone
  • Adult who served with the Canadian Armed Force.
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